Saturday, June 3, 2017

I ordered some CPO titles today for the furtherance of my pleasure.

Always wanted this box, and since it will quickly go OOP I bought it today.

Very entertaining Gamba music  with a lot of different interesting composers

I had nothing of this composer, so it looked like a good starting point.

I am collecting Ferdinand Ries his music slowly but surely, He is an important composer to me.

I have a double CD with his orchestral works, and this CD with chamber music is a good addition.

I can safely say that I never heard of this female composer.. The music however appealed to me.

The Leiden Choirbooks Volume III. (De Leidse Koorboeken) Second rerun.

A second rerun of Volume III. The Leiden Choirbooks. Disc 1 & 2. As lovely as with the first hearing. You might read the first review I...