Sunday, May 29, 2016

From the BIS sale at JPC, a few titles.

From the 206 titles available in the BIS sale, there were not many of interest for me. A lot of new composers, but their modernity was a tad too much for me, among them were, Balakauskas, Fernstrom, Guarnieri,  Kokkonen, Koppel, Lidholm, Linde, Lokshin, Saeverud, Santoro, Skalkottas, Valen, whatever I tried, their idiom did not appeal to me.
But the CD'S below did.

The Leiden Choirbooks Volume III. (De Leidse Koorboeken) Second rerun.

A second rerun of Volume III. The Leiden Choirbooks. Disc 1 & 2. As lovely as with the first hearing. You might read the first review I...