Monday, April 7, 2014

Foerster, Bohuslav Josef. (1859-1951) Complete Solo Piano Works. CD I.

From my collection.
Bought in 2013.
Label: Brilliant. Box 4 cd's.
First listen: 27-11-2013. See also this review.
Recording dates: 2010-2013.
Recording venue: Sound Studio HAMU, Prague.
Recording engineer: Ondrej Urban.
Running time CD I:  73:41. Second Rerun.

Dreaming, opus 47.
Roses of Remembrance, opus 49.
Evening Music, opus 79.
Charcoal Sketches, opus 136.
Impressions, opus 49.

Patricia Goodson.

Earlier as I normally do, I took this box again to my CD player, because my mood was asking for it. Its uplifting, dreamy, melancholy, funny, and so many other things. This music holds a plethora of emotions, those on the surface and the ones that run deeper. And the playing matches all those moods, for I recognize them, one by one. And this represents the uniqueness of this set, not only in terms that this music is finally recorded, but also the undeniable fact, that we have a very emphatic musician, who clearly has a grasp on all what is hidden in the music of Foerster, and that by no means is always the case. Patricia Goodson, has nimble fingers, who is able to caress the keys in such a way, that always the right amount of gentleness or robustness comes out, whatever the mood of the piece demands. And I know by fact that many of my musical friends, bought this set, and those that did not, will hopefully after reading this review, rush to the store and demand Foerster.:)
The piano is forwardly, warm and intimately recorded, so you get all the details. This music carries you away, wherever you want to go.

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