Friday, August 30, 2013

New acquisition, Ermanno Wolf Ferrari. Orchestral Works.

Bought in August 2013.
First listen.
CPO 777 567-2.
Recorded in 2008.
Playing time: 68:34.
Recording engineer:  Jorg Moser & Peter Urban.
Mid Price.

  • Triptychon opus 19
  • Arabesken uber eine Arie von Ettore Tito, opus 22.
  • Divertimento, opus 20.
  • Venezianische Suite, opus 18.
Munchner Rundfunkorchester, Ulf Schirmer.

I have always been a great admirer of Wolf Ferrari, and I never understood the role he had to play as underdog to many more famous composers, who by no means wrote better works. But such is the way of the world. He is a master in his own right, and every work he composed proves that abundantly, as with this CD filled with pastoral works, which creates huge fiestas of any imaginary world that fits the shimmering world of finely chiseled music. Every note sits tightly into its framework, and every note hits target, what he seeks to create he succeeds, and what he wants to say, he says with great aplomb. He is a magician in conjuring up majesty, unobtrusive grandeur, and colours that enhance instead of shout at you. A thoroughly late romantic composer, who has so much to say, yet goes unnoticed. Try this CD, and you will be eager afterwards to collect all. sound and performance is top notch.

Reacquaintance with some CD'S I bought recently.

The service of Venus and Mars
See for review and all the info about the disc my thoughts from 17-7-2013.

Biedermeier Sonatas from Richter, Wilms & Muller.
See for review and all info about the disc my thoughts from 17-7-2013.

Nino Rota, Chamber music.
See for review and all info about the disc my thoughts from 23-7-2013.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

New Acquisition. Heinrich von Herzogenberg. Complete Violin Sonatas.

Bought in August 2013.
First listen.
CPO 777 428-2. ( 2 CD'S)
Recording date: 2008-2009.
Recording engineer: Eckhard Glauche.
Playing time: Both discs: 100:40.
CD 1.

  • Violin sonata No. 1 and 2.
Christian Altenburger, Violin and Viola on CD 2.
Oliver Triendl, Piano.

If you have heard the music by Herzogenberg, these sonatas will not come as a surprise, for they are of the same quality, and perfectly in line with his romantic yearnings. He is by no means a second rate composer as some say, but his works are carefully and perfectly written. a mini cosmos of fine melodies that bubbles happily on like a little stream. Left and right flowers lining the stream, and keeping you very happy as long as the music lasts, and even after that it keeps on lingering in your mind. Two excellent musicians from the stables of CPO, gives us a performance in line with this composers excellent, and we get some enjoyable chamber works by a master who is to little performed. Pristine sound. Good booklet too, as always with CPO.

Ordered today, The Complete Orchestral Works by Frank Bridge.

After listening to one cheap disc of his works I decided to buy this cheap release by Chandos with the complete recordings. I review Volume III since I bought that one separately.

Bought August 2013.
First listen.
Chandos CHSA 5018.
Playing time: 69:55.
Recorded in 2000-2002.
Recording engineer: Ralph Couzens.

Orchestral Works Volume III.

  • Coronation March.
  • Summer.
  • Phantasm for Piano and Orchestra.
  • There is a Willow Grows aslant a brook.
  • Vignettes de Danse.
  • Roger de Coverley, ( A Christmas Dance)
Extremely well written works in diverse settings. Really typical English, writing you expect from a lot of suspects in his time. He fits in perfectly, mostly tonal, pastoral, a image painter of English landscapes, which music would work in many a film. Has something of Delius but all is much tighter orchestrated, and his tonality is wider stretched, although never in a ugly way. A joy to listen to, and cheaply bought through Amazon. Sound is as always with Chandos top notch. The orchestra and its conductor, who sadly died very young, make the most of these compositions.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Music for Flute & Guitar by Contemporary Japanese Composers.

First listen.
CD 6.
Playing time: 56:59.
Recorded in 2006,
See previous reviews CD 1, 17-8, CD, 2 19-8. CD 3, 20-8. CD 4 22-8. CD 5, 24-8, no review, removed to the bin. 

  • Toru Takemitsu.
  • Towards the sea. (1980)
  • Itinerant for Solo Flute. (1989)

  • Noriko Hisada. 
  • Phase III. (1963)

  • Tokuhide Niimi.
  • Melos II.

  • Norio Fukushi.
  • Dawn brightens the Day of Mortals Robed in Purple.
Duo Takemitsu.

In essence I admire the orchestral works by Takemitsu, but i am afraid that his works on this disc are of little substance, with no real inspiration, and that goes for all on this disc, small time boredom, look alike music, which is a waste of time listening to. I am afraid this one will land in the Refusal bin too, which gets pretty full by now. Sound is good, good musicians, but thats all what is good about them.

From my collection. Angelo Ragazzi. (1680-1750) & Giuseppe Antonio Avitrano (1670-1756) Musica Napoletana. I Virtuosi del Violino.

From my collection.
Bought in 2007.
I have listen just 1 time to this set in 2007. (Shame on me)
CD 1.
Label Capriccio 49546. Set of three CD'S.
Playing time: 64:05.
Recorded in 1997.
Recording engineer: Piero Schaiavoni.
Played on authentic instruments.

Accademia per Musica, Christoph Timpe.

  • Angelo Ragazzi.
  • Sonate a Quattro, opus 1. Nos.1-3 (Roma 1736) 
  • Sonata  X, "Ecce sacerdos magnus in D major.
  • Sonate XI, in E flat major.
  • Sonate XII, "Pastorale"in G major.
Well composed baroque music from a to me absolutely unknown composer, who stumbled into my collection many moons ago, and for reasons I cannot fathom, played only once when bought. So are these concerti in any way surpassing or replacing other more famous works. No, but they are extremely pleasing in melody and invention. and well played too. Its always good to hear music from school of Napoletana, and listen to less great masters of this time.

  • Giuseppe Antonio Avitrano.
  • Sonate a Quattro, opus 3, Nos 2, 8, 10, 
Of him I can say the same thing as about Ragazzi, they do not divert much in composition style, be it that Avitrano is a bit more livelier and insistent, less contemplative. The sound and performance is very good.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Johannes Brahms complete solo piano music, volume 5.

CD 5, playing time: 51:42.
Recorded in 1992.
Recording engineer: Martin Sauer.

  • Waltzes, opus 39, First version.
  • Hungarian Dances, WoO 1.

A titillating performance that has me totally convinced of the validity of Biret's interpretations. 
Good sound too.

Concert Koln. Mannheim, The Golden Age.

Bought in 2008
Listen twice completely.
CD 3.
Recorded in 1999.
Recording engineer: Eberhard Sengpiel.
Playing time: 66:49.
Box with 6 CD'S.

See also previous reviews CD 1, 15-8, CD 2, 22-8-2013.

  • Christian Cannabich, Sinfonia in E flat major.
  • Carl Stamitz, Cello concerto No. 4 in C major. ( Werner Matzke, Cello)
  • Anton Fils, Sinfonia in G minor.
  • Johann Stamitz, Sinfonia in G major.
  • Ignaz Franzl, Sinfonia No. 5 in C major.

The sheer quality of music making is quite addictive on this set, for I would like all my recordings to be like this. All the fine recordings made on Teldec are captured in this box, and I am sure that most of their recordings would fit the bill, to be included in this set. I wish it was so!
As it is, this set represents the Mannheim period to the letter for assembled are here some of the finest composers of that time, with some of their best works. They stand out by their inventiveness, its sheer exuberance of drive into the  Elysian fields , and give us the glorious benefits of their surroundings. This box will certainly be more often on my diet as before. And I will seek out more of all composers mentioned. Recommended.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Johannes Brahms, The complete Solo Piano Music. Volume 4.

See previous reviews from CD 1, 13-8/ CD 2, 15-8/ CD 3, 22-8/  contains also more info about this box.

Second listen.
CD 4.
Playing time: 68:14.
Recording engineer: Martin Sauer.
Recorded in 1989. Germany.

  • Three intermezzi, opus 117.
  • Klavierstucke, opus 118.
  • Scherzo in E flat minor, opus 4.

As with the previous CD from this box, this is utterly delightful on all counts. I am enjoying this so much. Sound is very good too!

Anner Bijlsma. 70 years. Limited edition box. Luigi Boccherini, Cello Concerti

See for more info previous reviews of Disc 1, 15-8/ CD 2, 16-8/ CD 3, 21-8/ CD 4, 22-8-2013.

Second listen.
CD 5.
Recording engineer: Wolf Erichson
Recorded in 1993.
Playing time 69:00

Anner Bijlsma, Cello.
Tafelmusik, on period instruments, Jeanne Lamon.

  • Overture ( Sinfonia) in D major, G 521
  • Sinfonia in C minor. G. 519.
  • Cello concerto in D major, G. 467, & in C major, G. 573.
  • Octet ( Notturno) in G major, G. 470.
This is how I think Boccherini should sound. The lovely tones Bijlsma coaxes from his cello, are gorgeous. Tafelmusik is self recommending, a outstanding disc this. Perfectly recorded too.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Spirales. Snapshots of Contemporary Classical Music. Volume 4

Bought in august 2013.
First listen.
CD 4.
Recorded in 2004.
Total time: 68:24.

See previous reviews  ( CD 1 17-8/ CD 2, 19-8/ CD 3, 20-8-2013)

The land of the living.
Danish Organ Music from the late 20th Century.

  • Frode Bitsch (1946)
  • Fantasia on De levendes Land. (1994)

  • Bo Gronbech. (1981)
  • Three Liturgical Dances

  • Svend Erik Tarp. (1908-1994)
  • Four Organ Pieces, opus 87A-D (1983)

  • Jesper Madsen. (1967-1999)
  • Praetorius-Variationer 1. (1983/1989)
Helga Gramstrup plays at the Poul-Gerhard Andersen organ, Sankt Markus Church, Arhus.

A fascinating and well recorded journey through music that was totally new for me. Very enjoyable. There is fine 20th century organ music apart from Messiaen, which I think is quite horrible.
Stretched tonality, and sometimes over the line, but always acceptable in terms of what is safe for your mind and ears. 

Anner Bijlsma. 70 years Limited edition Box. Beethoven, opus 102, No. 1 & 2. and Opus 66.

Bought in 2007.
Listen in 2007.
CD 4 from this box.
Recorded in 1998.
Recording engineer: Wolf Erichson.

Sonata for Pianoforte and Cello, in C major No 1 & 2 in D major.
12 Variations on  "Ein Madchen oder Weibchen" from Mozart's opera, Die Zauberflote, opus 66.

As with the first cd   opus 69 & 5,) the performance is outstanding, very pleasurable, with as a added bonus a very fine recording.

Johannes Brahms. The complete Solo Piano Works. CD III.

From my collection.
Playing time: 65:33.
Recording engineer: Martin Sauer.
Recorded in 1989.
Naxos 12 CD box.

See for more info about this box previous reviews on 13-8-15-8 2013.

  • Klavierstucke, opus 76.
  • Fantasies opus 116.
  • Two Rhapsodies, opus 79.

From the start until now this is vastly becoming a favourite in my collection. If the first three discs are anything to go by, then my opinion will be that this is one of the better sets on the market. For Idil Biret is a very accomplished musician with a keen sense for proportion, noticeable in the balanced appliance of emotion, she is never overstating things, but has a inward compass that keeps her always on the right track. Its a sheer delight to hear the opus 76 so finely tuned, and a interesting journey through the opus 116, completes for me a fantastic experience.
Well recorded too.

 CD III from the set below.

From my collection. Pietro Antonio Locatelli.

Bought in 2008.
Played twice completely.
Recorded in 1994.
Recording engineer: Michael Brammann.
Playing Time: 73:04.

See also review CD 1. 15-8-2013.

  • Concerto Grosso in E flat major, opus 6, "Il pianto d'Arianna."
  • Opus 1, No. 3 & No. 12.
  • Opus 7, No. 4.
  • Opus 4, No. 10.

You do not have to be a genius if it comes to classical music to realize that this performance is top notch. In fact it is so well played that its near perfect, if not perfect. Concerto Koln as a group have such an affinity with music from this era, that they have almost grown into their notes and are merely  a give through window for well balanced harmony. There is really no moment in which the music falters, and its a delight to hear such good ensemble playing. Coupled with pristine sound, its 70+ enjoyment. 

Disc 2 from the set below

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Anner Bijlsma, 70 years. Limited Edition, Ludwig van Beethovens's Sonatas for Pianoforte and Cello.

From my collection.
Bought in 2007, and listened complete from 8-9 till 13-9-2007
Playing time: 72:38
Recording engineer: Wolf Erichson.
Recorded in 1999.

See previous reviews of Disc 1, 15-8, CD 2, 16-8-2013. Also more info about this limited edition.

  • In A major, opus 69.
  • In F major, opus 5, No. 1.
  • In G minor, opus 5, No. 2.
Jos van Immerseel, Pianoforte.

The first two discs of this box with works from Bach, did not charm me that much, but the works on this disc are gorgeously performed and recorded. Of course I know them well in different guises with other performers, but these interpretations hit me as spot on. The warmth and intimacy which is brought out so abundantly has in part its origin in the authentic instruments, which gives the composition a intimacy sometimes hard to get on modern instruments. Both instrumentalist approach Beethoven with the greatest care and respect, and that makes their performance so unforced and musical. Absolutely wonderful.

CD III from the box below.

New Acquisition. Wilhelm Stenhammar. String Quartet, No. 3, opus 18 in F major.

Bought in August 2013.
First listen.
CPO 777 426-2. ( 2 CD'S )
Recorded in 2006-2007.
SACD recording/Hybrid, Super Audio.
Recording engineer: Geoff Miles.
Playing time SQ No. 3, (32:53)

Despite that Stenhammar is recorded in reasonable quantities and qualities, he is compared to say Sibelius or Nielsen a great unknown. You do not encounter him in the concert hall, he is typical a composer that excels on CD, as many. Stenhammar is a perfectionist, and in this case it makes him as good a composer as Sibelius is. Apart from his orchestral works, which I hugely admire, I only had brief encounters with some of his piano works solo. Noticing his huge talent in them, I finally decided to buy some more chamber music in the form of his SQ, which were on offer at JPC, and concluded that I should have done that much earlier. For I dare to pose the thesis that Stenhammar has the same genius as Beethoven had in his SQ. Quite a claim, but one that can be easily supported in the form of Stenhammar's third SQ. It is a tightly controlled work, economically written in such a way, that is fits likes the stones of the ancient Egyptian pyramid.  Its unusual in its structure and modern without being out of focus with the past. The vigorous first movement makes abundantly clear that a master is at work, a breathless tour the force packed in almost 10 minutes. As if that is not enough, the second and third movement are labelled "Presto molto agitato" and they are, frenzied, angry at times, aggressive as a statement, and determine to make clear, who is controlling the reigns. I am amazed how much power Stenhammar conjures out of every movement, and the rhythmic propulsion that he engenders. And such beautiful music, is had me spellbound every second on this wonderful journey. The recording is state of the art, and the performance is nothing less than perfect. 

New Acquisition. Benedetto Marcello. Harpsichord Works, Volume II

See Review of CD 1, (14-8-2013 for all the info.

Playing time: 71:12.

  • Suonata settima, ottava, nona, decima.
  • Laberinto sopra il clavicembalo.
  • La Stravaganza.
Roberto Loreggian, Harpsichord.

For me these works are at the height of what is possible on this instrument, and as a composition I rate these on the highest level possible. For this music is beyond any doubt written by a master on the instruments. Very seldom does one encounter such beauty and perfection, but in this opus 3, it's all there. One comes to admire with every note the genius in them, and finds at every turn a new beautifully crafted melody or harmony. Loreggian is also a master on this instrument, and coupled with the pristine recording, it is a must for every lover of this music at any price.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Spirales. Snapshots of Contemporary Classical Music, Volume III. Danish Music for Trumpet & Organ.

Bought in August 2013.
First listen.
Recorded in 2001. 
Recording engineer: Unknown.
Playing time: 64:12.

See previous reviews and info of disc 1, 17-8/ Disc 2, 19-8-2013.

Kasper Knudsen & Ole Andersen, Trumpets.
Inge Beck, Organ.

Peter Moller. (1947-1999)

  • Haslev Festfanfare for Trumpet and Organ.
  • Organ Chorale: Se nu stiger solen. (1986)
  • Allegro maestoso Fanfare for Two Trumpets and Organ. (1976)
Really fine works, beautifully written and well performed. Tonal and well recorded.

Thomas Koppel (1944-2006)
  • Morgengry for Organ solo. (1992)
It starts very meditative and tranquil, with some pretty deep digging into the emotional recesses of this composer, or so it seems.  Some jazzy influences  and some popular tunes. Its well written, and tonal. Good recording.

Ole Schmidt. (1928)
  • Suite for Trumpet and Organ. (2001)
  • Heiliganden.
  • Vorherr ta'r de sma i favn.
  • Taenk, at livet koster livet.
The first movement is a very beautifully written melody, with some fine writing for the trumpet too. a bit predictable, but nice. And that goes on in the second and third movement. Non offending music.

Jesper Madsen (1957-1999)
  • Four Organ Chorales.
  • Denne er dagen.
  • Om alle mine lemmer.
  • O havde jeg dog tusind tunger.
  • Op al den ting.
Very well written Organ Chorales and well performed and recorded. Tonal

Lasse Toft Eriksen. (1978)
  • Schlafe mein liebster, for Trumpet and Organ.
A strange but acceptable work, tonal. Well performed and recorded.

Carl Aage Eliasson. (1950)
  • Intrada for Trumpet & Organ.
  • Organ Chorale: Sov sodt barnlille.
  • Organ Chorale: Herre, jeg har handlet ilde.
By far the best composition on this disc. Extremely well written with a fine sense for proportion, music deeply rooted in the late romantic era. Well performed and recorded.

Thomas Viggo Pedersen. ( 1963)
  • Nu taker alle Gud, for Trumpet and Organ.
Very enjoyable music!

Some new acquisitions.....

 This release was one I missed, having the first two Volumes, budget price now, so I snatched it up.

 I have a few bits and bobs from this composer, and I liked what I heard in the samples.

Really excellent music, and well performed.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Vivaldi, The Complete Sacred Music. Volume 11-Last CD from this box.

From my Collection.
Bought in all probability 2005.
Listen once completely.
Label: Hyperion.
CD 11.
Recorded in 2002-2003
Recording engineers, Neil Hutchinson, Philip Hobbs, Jonathan Stokes.
Mid-Price box, 11 CD'S.

Previous review of CD 1, 1-4, CD 2, 4-4, CD 3, 14-5, CD 4, 5-6, CD 5, 5-6, CD 6, 18-6, CD 7, 16-7. CD 8, 9-8, CD 9, 12-8, CD 10, 16-8-2013.

Again this has been a blessing and at the same time hard to listen too. Not for the lacking excellence of Vivaldi's music, but for the lacking historical awareness of the soloists. For reasons I cannot fathom, Robert King has chosen voices straight out of romantic opera, or voices that have too much weight to carry the fragility and intimacy of Vivaldi's vocal work. At times it works, but mainly because they were realizing that excessive vibrato or plain shouting out the words made a barbaric impression, or so I like to think. This could have been a stalwart in recording history, but I think many connoisseurs of authentic performance practice will pass the endeavour as not up to scratch. I tend to hold a middle position, not really liking it, but not disliking it.  I have abundantly written about the voices so I will refrain from it any further. If curious you can always read the previous reviews. 

Spirales, snapshots of Contemporary Classical music. Volume II. Niels Viggo Bentzon (1919-2000)

Bought in August 2013.
First listen.
Label Membran. ( Recording licensed from Dacapo and Classico) Box 10 CD'S
Recorded in 2004-2006.
Recording engineer: Unknown.
Super Budget-Price.

See review of CD 1, 17-8-2013.

Niels Viggo Bentzon.

  • Trio for Trumpet, Horn, and Trombone, opus 82. (1952)
  • Jakob Heiding. Horn, Martin Schuster, Trumpet, Niels Ole Bo Johansen, Trombone.

  • Sonata for French Horn and Piano, opus 47. (1947).
  • JH, Horn, Erik Kaltoft, Piano.

  • Sonata for Trumpet and Piano, opus 73. (1951)
  • MS, Trumpet, EK, Piano.

  • Sonata for Trombone and Piano, opus 277. (1971)
  • NOBJ, Trombone, EK, Piano.

  • Fett und Filz, for Tuba and Piano, opus 403. (1977) Viertes Stuck eines Szenariums uber Joseph Beuys.
  • Tuba, Finn Schumacker, EK, Piano.

Bentzon is a acquired taste, and not to everyones liking. He has a slightly unsettling way of writing, consisting of some sarcastic humour, and some far fetched jazzy writing. A intellectual composer, that settles for writing very technical music, by no means unattractive, but it needs the right mood, and some patience to find out if you like the idiom. No soothing melodies here, but slightly off tone music, that stretches tonality to the limits, and sometimes crossing it. So what is in it to enjoy? At the moment I purely listen to the writing, yet not admiring it, try to find the crux on which this music is drifting, but as yet did not find it, determine whether I like it, or dislike it. Cannot quite place it, but I will in time. The unusual combinations of instruments is a adventure for sure, and the performance is first rate, as is the recording.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

New Acquisition.
Bought in August 2013.
First listen.
Label: Membran. (All recordings licensed from Dacapo and Classico) Box 10 CD'S.
Recordings dates unknown.
Recordings Engineer: Unknown
Playing time CD 1, 63:47.
Bottom price (10 euros

Vagn Holmboe. ( 1909-1996.

  • Fanfare opus 121,  for Three Trumpets and Timpani. ( 1974 )
  • Notturno, opus 19,  for Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon and French Horn. (1940)
  • Notater, opus 140,  for Three Trombones and Tuba. (1979)
  • Quartetto Medico, opus 70,  for Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, and Piano, (1956)
  • Concerto for Brass, opus 157, for 4 Trumpets, 4 French Horns, 4 Trombones, 2 Bass Tubas, Timpani, 2 Percussion. (1984)
  • Egilskvad, opus 185, for Bass/Baritone singer, 2 Trumpets, French Horn, Trombone bass tuba. (1991)
See for a comprehensive list of performers this link.
There where to many to write down.

To my ears Holmboe is becoming one of my favourite 20th Century composers at large. This fascinating music, in very unusual combinations of instruments and  makes for adventurous listening.  It is the music from Holmboe you recognize instantly, if you ever encountered his Orchestral works. The same meditative and philosophical approach towards the spiritual side of live, and to uplift the spirits on a higher level. This CD is alone worth the very modest price I paid for this box.
The recording is top notch, as are the performers.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Johann Sebastian Bach, Cello Sonatas part 2.

See previous review 15-8-2013. with all the details about recording

Suite No 4/5/6

Anner Bijlsma, Cello.

As I said in my review cello suites No, 1/2/3, these are bareboned interpretations. There is nothing given in sentimentality or warmth of any kind. Tempi are on the fast side, sometimes too fast, rather hectic playing. There is no prettiness to use a term about these performances, they cut like a sharp knife  in neat slices, almost mathematically done. Detached and cold even, without any refinement. As a side remark, in the first movement of suite No 3, the cello is clearly out of tune, something that should have been corrected in my view. For me they are excellent reference material, but I would not take these recordings to my desert Island.
Sound is good.

Antonio Vivaldi, The Complete Sacred Music Volume 10.

From this well-know box CD 10
Recorded in 2001, 2002, 2003.
Recording engineer: Philip Hobbs.

Previous reviews, CD 1, 1-4/ CD 2, 4-4/ CD 3, 14-5/ CD 4, 5-6/ CD 5, 5-6/ CD 6, 18-6/ CD 7, 16-7/ CD 8, 9-8/ CD 9, 12-8-2013.

Laudate Pueri, RV 602.
Salve Regina, RV 618.
Ascende laeta, RV 635.
Gaude mater Ecclesia, RV 613.
Vos aurae per montes, RV 634.
Gloria Patri, RV 602a.

Carolyn Sampson, Joanne Lunn, RV 602.
Nathalie Stutzmann, RV 618.
Joyce DiDonato, RV 635.
Susan Gritton, RV 613.
Carolyn Sampson, RV 634 & RV 602a.

This time I have no complaints, all participants seem to be aware of keeping vibrato within bounds, and especial mention must be pointed at Carolyn Sampson, who delivers pristine singing.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

John Dowland's complete works, Volume 12.

CD 12,
Playing time: 75:15.

See reviews of CD 1, 20-6/ CD 2, 1-7, CD 3, 4-7, CD 4, 8-7, CD 5, 13-7. CD 6, 15-7, CD 7, 9-8,  CD 8, 12/2,  CD 9, 12/8,  CD 10, 13/8,  CD 11, 15/8 -2013.

See for additional info previous reviews.

Consort music.
A musicall Banquet 1610.

I am with no words left to praise the last CD of this box.

The complete Solo Piano Music by Johannes Brahms. Volume II.

From my collection.
Second complete listen
Bought in 1997.
CD 2, playing time: 62:49.
Recording engineer: Martin Sauer.
Recording date: November 1989.
Super Budget-Price.

  • Piano sonata No. 3 in F minor, opus 5.
  • Ballades, opus 10.
Idil Biret, Piano.

The piano sonata is done wonderfully idiomatic. Such a poetic voice, Biret is showing me where the genius Brahms is residing, by her intellectual and emotional approach, which she brings into balance.
This is at once apparent in the first movement "Allegro Maestoso", which flows over in a "Andante espressivo", which is not over sentimentalized in expression, yet retains enough emotional weight to carry it successfully through the subject matter. She is a natural talent in expressing Brahms music, and I am glad I have this box, with her as the leading element. Well recorded too. A very good recommendation for those that seek out Brahms. Go for it.

Evaristo Felice Dall' Abaco. ( 1675-1742 )

From my collection.
Bought in 2008.
Listened on 14-5 and 4-8 -2008.
Collected in a box for Warner classics, original recordings from Teldec.
Warner: 2564 69889-9. ( Box 6 CD'S.)
Recorded in 1998. ( CD 1)
Recording engineer: Eberhard Sengpiel.
Playing Time: 78:14.
Super Budget-Price.

  • Concerti a quattro da Chiesa, opus 2, nos. 1,4,5,7.
  • Concerti a piu instrumenti, opus 5, nos. 3, 5, 6.
  • Concerti a piu instrumenti, opus 6, nos 5 & 11.
Concerto Koln.

This box came out in 2008 at an irresistible price, and knowing the standard of playing by Concerto Koln, this was a no brainer really! And since I am going through my collection, and single out boxes for rehearing, this one slipped into my hands voluntarily. I saw that as a sign. :)  
The composer Dall'Abaco is not a well known composer, yet he composed well written concerti, that show a individuality beyond the call of duty. His music has some traces of Vivaldi, and Albinoni.. But on a whole, its distinctly marked by his own personality, hard as it is to avoid musical duplication, it is there in the very witty and agile writing. Enjoyable and never getting boring to listen to. apart from that, Dall'Abaco has a strong advocacy in Concerto Koln, for their performance is top notch. sound is excellent too.

 CD 1 from the set below.

John Dowland's Collected Works. Volume 11. Lute Music.

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CD 11.
Playing Time 75:05

Christopher Wilson, Lute.

Lute Music and Consort Music. ( arrangement in various sources) from Thomas Morley, first booke of Consort Lessons 1599. From the Cambridge manuscript c.1600. From British Library c. 1610. From Fullsack and Hildebrandt 1607. From Haussmann 1603. From Thomas Simpson 1610.

A tranquil traverse through a very balanced fantasy, from a very unsure composer. And most excellent consort music. Funny how music and man diverts so much from each other.
Well played and recorded.

Juon, Paul, (1872-1940) The String Quartets, CD 1.

New acquisition. Purchase year: 2018. First listen: 17-3-2018. Label: CPO. CD 1 from 2. Recording dates: January 2014. Venue: Studio I...